Project Reef Life in Hawaiian Film Festival

'Reef Revolution,' a short student documentary on Project Reef Life has been selected to screen at the World Whale Film Festival in Hawaii USA.

Reef Revolution follows the Project Reef Life team as they educate local community groups about a previously unknown reef, 11km offshore of Pātea. Made as part of Rebecca Pratt's final year of study at Auckland University of Technology, the eight minute long documentary (filmed over three days), tells a tale of discovery, adventure and hope .

It was the first film that Rebecca, 22, from Hāwera, has directed, but she has been volunteering with Project Reef Life since 2015 as its volunteer media lead.

Rebecca premiered the film in Auckland, then bought Reef Revolution back to South Taranaki to screen for community groups, schools and at Aotea Utanganui - Museum of South Taranaki and Hāwera Cinema 2.

About the festival:

The Project Reef Life team are very excited to be showcased in the World Whale Film Festival in Hawaii! Themed "Heroic Acts of Environmental Stewardship" the festival will also be celebrating the Pacific Whale Foundation's 40th Anniversary! All festival proceeds support the Pacific Whale Foundation's humpback whale research in Hawaii and other parts of the pacific. The Pacific Whale Foundation is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1980 and based in Maui, Hawaii that conducts whale research and educates the public in an effort to save vulnerable species of whales from extinction

You can find out more about the Pacific Whale Foundation by visiting their website:


Project Reef Life

Get curious, discover & learn about life 11km offshore of South Taranaki New Zealand,  23m deep.

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