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Discover life offshore of South Taranaki

Our Team, Vision & Commitment

Learn About Our S.T.E.A.M Initiatives

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Dive in!

Meet the Team

Come meet the dedicated & passionate individuals who keep our project alive!

Our Story

From kindergartens to Parliament, we're sharing our story far and wide!

Reef Species

What animals and plants are observed at Project Reef? All that information and more...

Let's Go!

Getting to Project Reef
is no easy task...
We require the right conditions, correct tides, swell and weather... we keep our fingers crossed we're available too! Connect to FB for our latest!

"Project Reef has involved significant technical challenge & innovation... an impact on policy... explicitly referenced in the TRC Coastal Plan." 

 - Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor
Annual Report 2019 Page 26


There'll be no snorkelling at Project Reef!
Project Reef is located 11km offshore, 23m deep! To get to Project Reef, you'll need the right SCUBA certification, gear & skills  (and dive buddy!!). 

Discover Project Reef!

Project Reef

How old is the reef? How big is the reef? We're here to answer all your burning questions!

Film & Video

From TEDx talks to International Film Festivals ... our story is ever-evolving & one to watch!

Hands-on Science

Reef education through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (S.T.E.A.M)

Noisy Reef!

Hear our hydrophone recordings...
(Including a Humpback Whale... like the one in this video, swimming past South Taranaki!)

If we don't know what's out there, how do we know if there's anything worth protecting?

- Oliver, Student Project Ambassador
Speaking in Reef Revolution... a short, internationally award-winning student documentary on Project Reef.

Love Sharks?

Carpet, Seven Gill, School...
(Meet the shark species of Project Reef!)

Project Reef Species

  • Algae: Seaweed,  etc.

  • Sponges & the NIWA Guide.

  • Mollusks and shell hash.

  • Animals: Fish, Sharks & more.

  • Crustaceans: Crabs & Crays.

  • Whale sounds: recorded.

"It is great to see a kid who is 14, 15, 16 standing up and speaking to politicians... It wasn't a school project, this is a project with serious grunt."

- Whanganui MP Chester Burrows (now retired).
Speaking about Project Reef's presentation to the 2017 Education & Science Select Committee.

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Outreach & Resources

Project Reef
South Taranaki

Get curious, discover & learn about life 11km offshore of South Taranaki New Zealand,  23m deep.

Phone: 027-205-9673

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