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(Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)


The Project Reef is located at 23m depth, 11km offshore.
To get to this depth and investigate this reef, a SCUBA certification is required!
You'll also need the right skill set and an experienced dive buddy to visit Project Reef.


In 2019 the Project was able to fund a number of high school students to experience first-hand an introductory diving experience with Oceans Alive in New Plymouth.

The physics of diving is an important lesson for students, so they appreciate the limitations imposed on divers to do scientific investigations and documentary footage at the Project reef.

"Thanks, Project Reef Life, SCUBA diving is the coolest thing I've ever done!" 

 - Nial, Student Project Ambassador.
Speaking about the 'Try Scuba' class, organised in collaboration with Oceans Alive New Plymouth


The Project runs through the South Taranaki Underwater Club. Their voluntary resources of boats and divers – enables the Project Reef Team to investigate the sub-tidal reefs of South Taranaki.


The Project works to bring certified divers and their gear into classrooms, so students have the opportunity to learn about diving and to get a hands-on experience of dive gear.
Guest speakers have included qualified PADI dive instructor, Luke Colmer, who captivates the class with his talks about the mechanics of diving and some of his experiences diving around the world. Follow us on FB to keep up with the latest SCUBA lessons.

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