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Our Logo

Scroll for a break-down of the elements which feature within Project Reef's new logo!



South Taranaki Underwater Club

We wanted to celebrate SCUBA and the South Taranaki Underwaterclub – which is why we have two tanks either side of the logo! We need scuba gear to dive down to survey the offshore reefs of South Taranaki (first reef studied is at 23m depth). The South Taranaki Underwater Club provide the volunteer boats and divers.

Spot SCUBA tanks positioned on each side of our logo.

Scarlet Wrasse / Puwaiwhakarua

Pseudolabrus miles

This species of fish is one of the most commented about fish when we go to schools, due to its beautiful colours. There is always a scarlet wrasse sighted when we are at the Project Reef.
This fish is endemic (found only in NZ).


Sponges / Kōpūpūtai


Probably one of the least well-known/recognised animal at the Project Reef – are the sponges. We enjoy taking footage of the huge variety of colour and shapes of the sponge species and sending samples to NIWA’s sponge expert, Michelle Kelly, to help us ID them. The sponges at the Project reef are yellow, orange, white, black, grey, pink, brown, and cream – we thought we’d celebrate by including this bright orange sponge on our logo!

Seaweed / Rimurimu

Phaeophyceae (brown algae)
Chlorophyta (green algae)
Rhodophyta (red algae)

We have red, brown and green algae at the Project Reef – which are food and shelter for numerous animals.
We have celebrated its importance by including this bright green, algae on the logo.


Blue Cod / Pakirikiri

Parapercis colias

Blue cod are full of character and always seen when we are at the Project Reef – coming for a close up inspection of the divers when we fix or retrieve our insitu camera out at the reef. They are endemic (found only in NZ), and they are the species of fish commonly caught by recreational fishermen in South Taranaki. They also provide lots of amusement when their antics are caught in our Baited Underwater Video (BUV) footage.

Ngā mihi Jono for all your mahi designing our logo!

Jono is a logo designer with Smokeylemon, a design agency based in Taranaki, NZ

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