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Back in 2006 a DOC report identified from a community consultation process gaps in knowledge and information about the South Taranaki marine area – see their report ‘Netting Coastal Knowledge’. This Project team are helping to fill that gap. 
With a core team consisting of Bruce, Karen, Richie, Rebecca & Josh, the Project team expands to include the expertise of many community members and businesses as well.

Partners in the Project are: South Taranaki Underwater Club, Hawera High School, Patea Area School, Te Kaahui o Rauru and Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust.


Bruce is our co-project lead. 
A keen diver, once happy just gathering food for the table, he has now discovered a passion for recording the wonderfully diverse marine ecosystems on his doorstep. Sharing his privileged view of our underwater world with the community brings Bruce much satisfaction.



Karen is our co-project lead.  

Karen gained her BBus at Massy University. She has always had a love for the Ocean and passion for community-driven projects. Constantly in contact with project partners, scientists, students and community, she is always searching for funding and new innovative ideas to drive Project Reef Life forward.


Richie is our project engineer. 

Richie is also South Taranaki Underwater Club's  Secretary and internationally travelled SCUBA diver! 
Richie collaborates with engineers, scientists and the community to innovatively design & maintain cutting edge (and South Taranaki proof)  equipment & technology so that the project can best capture 'life below the surface'.


Rebecca is our project's arts advisor & media lead ... and as of 2020, a newbie SCUBA diver!
If you're on this website - she's the brains behind it. Or maybe you've watched Reef Revolution, the internationally recognised short (student) documentary on Project Reef that she directed. 
Currently completing her Masters of Communication Studies (Screen and Media) at Auckland University of Technology, RJ is always thrilled to receive new footage from reef dives and digitally promote Project Reef with followers both locally and abroad.


​Josh is our marine scientist & educator.
Josh plays a key role in facilitating any scientific work we do and leads our educational outreach programmes with our partner schools.

Josh is a SCUBA diver and holds a Masters in marine science from Auckland University.

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