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Reef Revolution tells the tale of Project Reef Life outreach, directed by our media lead, Rebecca Pratt.

We were so happy to have had you join us Rebecca. The film and project you presented about a community discovering that there is a beautiful reef filled with sea life right in their own underwater backyard was a strong reminder of the importance of science and science education in understanding the world we inhabit.

- Pacific Whale Foundation
Speaking about Reef Revolution... a short, internationally award-winning student documentary on Project Reef.
Rebecca (Project Reef's Media Lead & Director of the film) presented Reef Revolution at the 4th annual World Whale Film Festival in Maui, Hawaii

New plymouth

Find out how a rocky reef revolutionized a mindset with Karen Pratt our inspiring Project Reef Life Co-Lead.


Listen in as joint project lead Karen interviews our extended Project Reef Life community of scientists, artists and more in relation to the Project Reef.

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