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Capturing 'life below the surface' is no easy task, but on this page you'll find downloadable lists of species observed at Project Reef, links to our YouTube channel so you can observe Project Reef plants & animals in action... and you can check out our I-Naturalist database where we log these findings.


Some of the great resources Project Reef Life has tapped into are, intuitive, exciting and part of a wider initiative to engage individuals with the Ocean in order to improve our understanding, research and methods of protection towards it.

Here are some of those resources for you to get to know.​


From a mural to a documentary film, from a TEDX New Plymouth talk to the Patea Pou, we have inspired some wonderful artistic ways of communicating life below the surface. Incorporating different sectors and ages of the community, this project is inspiring artists both locally and abroad.


Come read our story, documenting our passion for recording the wonderfully diverse marine ecosystems on our doorstep. Sharing a view of our underwater world with the community brings us a lot of satisfaction.... whether that's through school surveys, dissections, insitu-camera recordings etc.

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