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Back in 2006 a DOC report identified from a community consultation process gaps in knowledge and information about the South Taranaki marine area – see their report ‘Netting Coastal Knowledge’. This Project team are working to fill that gap. 
With our work spanning the entirety of S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art and math), we're excited to share a glimpse into our work within these fields.

Partners helping us in our Project work are: South Taranaki Underwater Club, Hawera High School, Patea Area School, Te Kaahui o Rauru and Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust.


We have a big passion for recording the wonderfully diverse marine ecosystems on our doorstep. Sharing a view of our underwater world with the community brings us a lot of satisfaction.... whether that's through school outreach, reef surveys, insitu-camera recordings etc.


Capturing 'life below the surface' is no easy task, and we rely on awesome technology to bring us closer to understanding the world of the project reef. From our insitu-camera, ROV's, scuba gear, microscopes... we're always looking for new ways of advancing reef tech to advance ocean understanding!


Engineering and innovation play a central role - the Team have collaborated with Leith at Wells Instrument and Electrical– to develop a robust insitu camera to capture video day and night at the reef.  A strict maintenance program (for a wide range of equipment) is managed by Project Engineer Richie.



From a mural to a documentary film, from a TEDX New Plymouth talk to the Patea Pou, we have inspired some wonderful artistic ways of communicating life below the surface. Incorporating different sectors and ages of the community, this project is inspiring artists both locally and abroad.



The Team is collaborating with Springload ( to explore how A.I. can assist with analysing our in-situ footage.



Project Reef Life

Get curious, discover & learn about life 11km offshore of South Taranaki New Zealand,  23m deep.


Phone: 027-205-9673

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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